Cookies policy

What is a cookie?

When you use the website, ON GROUP may place a file called a cookie on your terminal (computer, tablet, etc.). During its storage period, this file identifies your computer on future visits. Thus, each time you visit the site, the data from your previous visit is retained.
The purpose of cookies is to make your browsing experience more fluid and to enable you to benefit from certain features of our website. The cookies stored by us or by third parties when you visit do not recognize you personally as an individual; they only recognize the device you are using. Cookies do not cause any damage to your device.

At ON GROUP , our aim is to save you time by making your Internet browsing easier. In fact, a site that doesn’t use cookies can’t retain your data, which would have to be re-requested each time you visited!

What are these cookies for?

There are different types of cookies on our site for different purposes:
• Identify you when you connect to our site. This allows us not to ask you for your login and password for each order, or to remind you of choices you have made on our website (for example, your display preferences on the results page) or to personalize the content of our site (remind you of the last products consulted, offer you a personalized selection of products, etc.),
• Keep track of the products in your shopping cart,
• Prevent fraudulent activities,
• Improving safety,
• To carry out research and diagnostics in order to improve ON GROUP’s content, products and services (for example, to improve the ergonomics of the site by giving us the pages of our site in error, the time spent on certain pages, etc.).

Manage my cookies?

If you are reluctant to use cookies, you can manage and control them at any time through your browser, or delete them from your “browsing history” (cache) when you leave the site.
All web browsers allow you to limit cookie behavior or disable cookies in the browser settings or options.