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Plastic Injection

We have an injection and assembly plant in La-Roche-en-Brenil, where we are able to manufacture small, medium and large series of parts to the highest European standards.

Our services include part assembly and welding, electronics integration, decoration and packaging, ensuring a complete solution tailored to your needs.

Our activities

Plastic items for mechanical engineering

• Plastic bearings
• Polyurethane (PU) hoop bearings
• Plastic screws
• Heat-weldable belts
• Plastic rings for mechanical engineering
• Gear blanks, plastic pinions
• Tool manufacture and setting

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Plastic products for the electrical and electronics industries

• Plastic ceiling lights
• Static control materials and products for electronics
(antistatic, conductive, dissipative)
• Plastic accessories for printed circuit boards
• Plastic insulating conduits for cables
• Plastic items for measuring devices
• Plastic water meter components
• Plastic enclosures for pressure gauges
• Plastic electric, water and gas meter housings
• Plastic diaphragms for pressure gauges
• Plastic tubes for bubble levels

And also…

• Plastic electronic connectors PA-V0 (material)
• Electronic boxes PC-V0 (material)
• Pcb casing supports ABS-V0 (material)
• Baby accessories, baby bottles
• Home electronic appliances
• Electronic screen supports
• Coat racks
• Foot rest/repose pied
• Carafe, trays food grade
• Capsule de vin (embed)
• Dishwasher food grade, recycled material
• Industrial  sous-vide vacuum for laboratories
• Cable reel


Our machines

900T Billion

480T Negri Bossi

And …

280 T Negri Bossi, 130T Negri Bossi 1 and 130T Negri Bossi 2

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Additionnal equipment

• Ultrasonic welding
• Mirror welding
• Heat transfer
• Tampography
• Silk printing
• Packaging and assembly machines

At ON Plast, we design electronic devices that adapt to a multitude of shapes and surfaces.
From design to production, ON Plast is your partner of choice for your plastronics projects.

We offer a full-service manufacturing experience.

Let us supply a quote for your next project.

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