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ON Mould specialises in the design, manufacture and modification of tools and composites of all sizes for various moulding technologies. ON MOULD’s vocation is to support you in all types of work, from design to production start-up.

Tooling sector with :

– High-capacity 3 and 5-axis machining
– Modifications, maintenance et mise au point
– Mould testing on injection presses
– Injection, draping and stamping
– Custom machining services

Machining sector, with :

– C-1/ FIDIA GTF22 5-axis HSC, travel X2700 x Y2200 x Z1250
– C-2/ FIDIA K411 5-axis HSC, travels: X4000 x Y1100 x Z1000
– C-3/ 5-axis HSC FIDIA K218, travels: X2000 x Y1000 x Z800
– C-4/ NC 3+2 POSITIONED AXES RAMBAUDI RX 1250 CNC FIDIA, travels: X4000 x Y1250 x Z2000
– C-5/ NC 3 AXES HURON SXB CNC NUM 750, travels : X1800 x Y800 x Z900
– C-6/ CN lathe SOMAB UNIMAB 550, diameter 500lg, point 1300
– C-7/ RTL 700 surface grinding machine, 500×1000 strokes

Fitting and assembly sector

We have a fitting and assembly workshop with all the equipment needed to finish the tools and validate their correct operation:
– Hydraulic power pack to control the cylinders (ejection and/or cores),
– Control unit for regulating circuits (pressure and flow),
– Heating regulator for injection systems (heaters + thermocouples),
– 200°C oil heaters for heating SMC moulds,
– Grinding and polishing,
– 20T handling capacity, i.e. max. 40T moulds with balanced half-parts

Laser welding

ON MOULD is equipped with 2 laser welding stations for reloading all types of steel for repair or modification of tooling, with the possibility of working directly on the customer’s site, using the following equipment:
– Laser Pulspower 200
– Laser Pulspower 300

Presentation presses

ON MOULD is equipped with 2 presentation presses for tooling adjustment:
– 1 TCS Canon 150T presentation press,
– 1 TCS 50T Provastampi die-sinking press

Presses to inject

ON MOULD has 4 injection moulding machines on site, enabling it to carry out tooling tests as well as production of small, medium and large series:
– Presse 100T
– Presse 270T
– Presse 800T
– Presse 2600T (availaible on subcontract)

Our molds

Injection molds

SMC molds

Stamping molds

Composite molds

Assembly line

The assembly line at ON Mould serves to efficiently bring together molded components into the final product, ensuring precision and quality throughout the assembly process.


The customer service department at ON Mould provides support and assistance to clients, ensuring satisfaction and addressing any issues or concerns related to the products.

We offer a full-service manufacturing experience.

Let us supply a quote for your next project.

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