• Design and prototype

ON Group is your partner for product design and prototyping.

We can work with you to turn your product ideas into reality, using our digital design and prototyping services.

Our experienced team uses the latest technologies to transform your concepts into 3D-CAD files optimized for injection molding. We can start from existing files, sketches or samples to create precise designs, also taking care of mold creation and other manufacturing tools. Where necessary, we oversee liaison with subcontractors in Europe or Asia to ensure the viability and compatibility of tools with our injection molding machines. In addition, we offer prototyping services to test component mechanics and verify mold design. Prototypes can be produced by 3D printing or machining of plastic blocks, depending on the specific needs of your product.

ON Group offers turnkey solutions.

Analysis of requirements

  • Familiarization with specifications
  • Understanding the context
  • Drawing up a provisional schedule
  • Drawing up a design brie


  • Meeting to exchange ideas
  • Technical proposal
  • Design of 3D schematics or use 
of other technologies
  • Simulation



  • 3D design
  • Preparation of technical file
  • 2D drawing
  • Simulation
  • Optimization process


technical assistance

  • Prototype creation
  • Adjustments
  • Support
  • Setting up the industrialization 
  • After-sales service

ON Group Is a Community of Engineers, Designers and Experts Specialized in Industrialization

We have full production and moulding capabilities in our facilities in France to bring the production line closer to wherever our clients are.
With our international production capabilities, ON Group offers the option of production relocation to take advantage of fluctuating currency exchange rates.

We offer a full-service manufacturing experience.

Let us supply a quote for your next project.

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