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Before the product can be produced, the tools to create it must be manufactured. ON Group offers moulds that meet all requirements, whether prototype or serial production. We offer you any type of tool required. Your ON Group project manager will recommend the best options to lower the costs to ensure the success of your project.

ON Group’s moulding services are extensive. We offer traditional injection, bi-injection, gas-assisted injection, overmoulding, and die-casting moulds. ON Group modifies the mould to speed production and reduce costs. We have several laser welders in order to perform delicate modifications. Our technicians conduct fully documented periodic inspections, cleanings, and repairs to keep it in excellent condition. We also offer to store your mould at the factory to ensure its long life.

1: Traditional injection Mould

We manufacture tools which fits our customer’s requirement in term of part quality but also injection process (Ejection, cycle time, machine…) A same part can be produced by many different moulds, with variation on lifetime, handling, cycle time, automatic/manual, etc…).

We manufacture small, medium and large tools (20 tones or more).

2: Bi-Injection

ON Group is specialized in conception and production of industrial moulds for Bi-injection.
We have a vast experience with all sorts of Bi-component parts, small to large, simple to complexe.
We have 2 factories located in China and France, so we offer you both locations for you to choose which one is more adequate with your project.

We have 2 Bi-injection machines: 250T, 360T

3: Gas-assisted injection

Inject Gas just after the plastic injection, the gas remain inside the plastic, creating a cavity into the part.
The advantage is to avoid shrink marks and reduce the weight for volumic parts (from 7mm to 70mm thickness)

4: Overmolding

In the field of manufacturing plastic TWO component moulding, we have always delivered high precision moulds.
It is an innovative manufacturing process used to produce complicated moulded parts in multiple materials, and can be used for a variety of product designs across all industries

5: Die-casting mould

ON Group produces high quality export die-casting moulds and parts China and offers full service Die-Cast solutions, including die design and die making capabilities, melting and alloying in-house, casting, finishing, machining, and assembly.
Alongside with Die casting we offer full tuning of the parts:

  • including painting
  • sand blasting
  • CNC machining
  • polishing etc.

6: Stamping Mould

ON Group offers the first-class range of Stamp Moulds.
We produce the stamp mouldings in accordance with your data in soft or hard conditions.
Thanks to the high-quality structures, the movement between top and bottom dies is precisely coordinated.

7: Rotomolding

ROTOMOULDING Plastic (mainly powder, or liquid if PVC) is loaded into a mould to reproduce the internal shape of this mould.

The transformation process has four phases:

  • mould filling
  • plastic baking
  • plastic cooling
  • stripping


  • Low mould investment
  • Complex shapes can be produced
  • Volume 0.5L to 20.000L
  • Thickness: 0.3 to 20 mm
  • No need gluing or welding
  • Possibility to integrate inserts
  • Light weight as the parts are hollow

8: Extrusion moulds

Extrusion Blow Moulding is cyclic process transforming polymers into hollow shapes. This permits the creation of complex design from small to large parts 2m x 3m.

9: Thermoforming mould

Plastic (plate or reel), is heated to become softer, and to spouse the shape of the mould. When plastic gets cool, it becomes hard back and keeps this shape.


  • Conception and production of the mould are simple and quick
  • Low mould investment
  • Possibility to make small or huge series

10: Checking Fixture

Characteristics of Checking fixtures from ON GROUP

  • Extremely precise – it is indispensable for this kind of control tool
  • Fruit of a real know-how: our engineers are well trained for that
  • Easy to manipulate: it is a very intuitive tool, that anybody can use without instruction manual!
  • ON Group uses advanced machining tools, electro-erosion machines, and tri-dimensional measurement machines.
  • ON Group buys the items according to the European standards to facilitate the maintenance.

What is: Checking fixtures?

  • It’s a means of control to check the dimensions of plastic pieces.
  • It allows us to check the measurements in the 3 dimensions of the space.
  • It must include the 2 following characteristics: repeatability and reproducibility.

We offer a full-service manufacturing experience.

Let us supply a quote for your next project.

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